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A Community Based

Lifestyle Experience

Poplar-On-Park is a place where natural networks and experiences are focused around family, community and lifestyle events. A gathering place to work, socialise, learn, get fit, get your nails done, buy food or even have a special family, work or community event.

Our Dream

The Sight Seekers- Neighbour Photos-107.

Our vision for Poplar-On-Park is to be sculpted into an Afro-French style environment focused around community living, healthy life-style, relaxed multi-purpose working environments and large amounts of connecting and socialising.


Our Community

Poplar-On-Park is adjacent to the Riverclub Park (called Poplar-Park by the neighbourhood). This community based lifestyle centre welcomes a diverse group of people from the Bryanston, Duxbury, Sandton, Morningside, Riverclub neighbourhoods and beyond. Our community comprises of freelancers, business owners, parents, outdoor enthusiasts, animal lovers and passionate creatives. Our community is who we are here for.


The communities like to use the centre and the park for various events including music gatherings, children's parties, family harvest tables, corporate sundowners, special meals and multipurpose working environments. The surrounding communities have a passion for animals, cycling, walking, education, gardening and many other social activities. Poplar-On-Park is designed around focusing these activities into the weekly life cycle of the centre and park as a whole.

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