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Our Vision
Poplar Central TREES-01.png

Our Vision for  Poplar-On-Park

The new owner and the community have plans to re-purpose the centre and the park to become a unique, community focused life-style centre - called “Poplar-On-Park”. We have big dreams for the space and there is a lot the community can get involved with to make Riverclub the best neighbourhood. There are a number of things we need contributions for, to help make your experience better so why not donate or sponsor something to help the greater community. We are looking for:


  • Garden equipment to maintain the park

  • A seated lawnmower

  • Park benches

  • Plants

  • A fund for the park - anonymous supports, or purchase of the Poplar Plaques

  • Park borehole to keep the park at its prime all year round

  • Park walkways and Park lights

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